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Parked and lined up street food trucks in Washington DC

Our Story

A local market, that was conceived with the intention of proving how essential entrepreneurs are. In recent years, the food truck industry has grown in popularity throughout the country as a way for people to pursue the American dream.  Chuco Esencial is about celebrating one of the southwest’s greatest strengths, its cuisine. Conceived at the time when the term Essential didn’t directly translate. To us, all small businesses are essential. 

Our community has been missing one thing, A local food truck yard accessible to all individuals every day, not just weekends. Why is this essential to our economy? Because food trucks are essential to every major city. Food is one of the main pillars of culture and we are trying to provide a platform for them to be able to succeed. They are essential and we want to keep it that way. Because of what happened in 2020, as both individuals and a society we have been tested and forced to mold to a new norm. Much like other tests in recent years, our community is only getting stronger.

Additionally, Chuco Esencial has partnered with El Pasoan’s Fighting Hunger, to help those that are in need and help our communities flourish. As one of those small businesses, our intent is to help people survive and thrive. Our goal is to help rejuvenate the community through the support of the small businesses. We will make it through this and with the strength and support from the community we will thrive once again. According to statistics done in 2020 the United States has had 60 percent of small businesses close. That is over 100,000 of your family, friends, and favorite places closed down permanently.

Two beautiful young women ordering food from the cook of a food
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