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The mission is to serve the legal needs and concerns of all clients by performing services in the areas of practice in a professional, efficient, confidential, and personal manner. Attorney services are performed at the law office, or by means of DN Virtual Law, the unique personal online service that allows all clients to remain in the safety and comfort of their homes or private settings instead of having to come to the office.

David Nevarez purposes to serve clients in in the manner he would want his family to be served, in the performance of the following:

  1. Educate, counsel, and guide all clients with options and alternatives that enable them to make informed decisions of their desired and needed services at the office, with personal privacy and peace of mind, or in the safety and comfort of their homes or private settings by use of DN Virtual Law.
  2. Prepare legal documents tailored to meet the legal requirements and the personal desires and needs of clients.
  3. Have legal documents executed by clients and witnesses, before a notary public when required, at the office or clients’ homes when they elect to use DN Virtual Law service.
  4. Represent clients before the courts of law, and third parties, as required to accomplish their personal needs and legal concerns.
  5. Remain at the service of clients and their families to handle their legal concerns in the future.

Legal Practice Areas

Service You Can Trust

Personal Injuries

Know about representation of clients who without fault of their own have suffered injuries or death in different types of accidents.

Residential Real Estate

Know about how I help clients who are in need of representation in the sale or purchase of a home.

Traffic Tickets and Warrants

Know more about how I help clients who have been issued a traffic citation or citations in El Paso County,

Your Living Trust Plan

Know more about a lifetime plan that allows you to have beneficial use and control of your estate during your lifetime;

Wills and Probate

Know more about making a last will and testament to distribute your estate by administration of probate;

Powers of Attorney

Know more about having your financial and medical affairs managed without a guardianship, in the event you are unable to handle them personally.